The General Consulate of the Republic of Yemen in Frankfurt - Germany Would like to welcome you in its Website.

Thank you for visiting our website, we are happy to provide the necessary information that you may need, related to the work of the General Consulate, Such as issuing visas and legalization of commercial documents and official documents issued by the various authorities in Yemen and Germany. We are also providing the necessary facilities for tourist groups who want to visit Yemen, which is interesting destination for many Europeans due to its, historical and architecture heritage, in addition to the nature and beautiful landscape(Temporary Frozen).

The center for issuing Yemeni passports in Frankfurt works nonstop to obtain a valid passport for the Yemeni citizens in all Europe, but each one has to send the required documents mentioned in the page for New passports on this Website and we will work to complete the process as fast as possible.

The General Consul and all the staff of The General Consulate of The Rep. Yemen in Frankfurt once again welcome all visitors and we hope that you will not hesitate to submit suggestions and observations that you think may make it easier for the visitor, and to work together for developing and expanding the benefit of this site.

Best regards, and wishes to all.

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