Legalization of commercial documents

All documents must be legalized  by the relevant German authorities according to the type of the document before legalization by the General Consulate of the Republic of Yemen.

Type of documents

Competent German authority

Certificate of Origin

Chamber of Commerce

Commercial register

Chamber of Commerce

Commercial Invoices

Chamber of Commerce

Commercial Contract

District Court

Commercial Authorization

District Court

Power of Attorney

District Court

Manufacturing License

District Court

Health Certificate

Health Authority

Radiation Certificate

Health Authority

The documents can be submitted by mail to the General Consulate of the Republic of Yemen, with :

  • Bank transfer receipt.

  • Stamped return emvelope.

  • Copy of the documents.

Bank details:

KT Bank 

Generalkonsulat der Republik Jemen

IBAN       DE63 5023 4500 0138 6300 01



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