Passport extraction guide

Renewal of passport:

Please download and fill out the application completely, and be careful about the following instructions:

1. Write the full name and surname in Arabic and English according to the official documents, noting that no application will be accepted which does not contain the full name.

2. Send the original passport with the application

3. Write the date of birth as following (day / month / year), for example (19/12/1981 ).

4. Important: Write the mother’s quadruple name, and her nationality.

5. The address of the current place of residence must be written completely with a valid personal phone number for contacting.

6. The data of relatives residing in the Republic of Yemen must be written completely with the relationship, address and their phone numbers as shown in the application.

7. A copy of the previous passport must be attached.

8. A copy of the residence must be attached.

9. Attach two recent passport size photos, colored with a white background, biometric quality and be careful about the following:

          - Do not wear sunglasses.

          - Do not wear hat.

10. The student must attach a copy of the university card or a study enrolment.

11. When requesting for a profession change, proof of the new profession must be sent.

12. Transfer the allocated fees to the account shown below, and attach a proof of transfer with your application.

KT Bank 

Generalkonsulat der Republik Jemen

IBAN       DE63 5023 4500 0138 6300 01


Generalkonsulat der Republik Jemen, Oederweg 11, 60318 Frankfurt/Main Email: info(at)

Note: You must attach an empty envelope, write the postal address on it and attach the postage stamp (registered mail or DHL(recommended )) so that we can use it for sending the new passport.

Once the new passports are issued, the old passports will be canceled and returned with the new passports, except some cases.

 Issuing a passport for a child:

Fill out the application for each child, and be careful about the requirements mentioned above. (please write the name of the child according to the birth certificate and the name of the father according to his passport).

1. Attach a copy of the father's passport and residency.

2. Attach a copy of the mother's passport and residency.

3. Attach a copy of the child's birth certificate.


Replacing a lost or damaged passport:

In case of damage or loss of the passport, according to Article 14 of the Passports Law : “whoever damages his Yemeni passport will be fined a fine not exceeding the value of the passport. In the case of loss, the fine is doubled twice of the value of the passport”.

1. Please fill out the application according to the instructions above.

2. A clear copy of the lost passport, as well as a police report in the case of losing passport , must be attached.

3. The damaged passport must be sent along with the application.


General information:

1. The time period for issuing passport between 7 to 30 days.

2. The Consulate is not responsible for any delay or refusal of any incomplete application or incomplete request mentioned above, and each person must keep for himself a copy of his old passport and keep it in a safe place.

3. According to the instructions of the Immigration and Passports Authority,

lost or damaged passport data cannot be modified.

4. Receiving calls regarding passport issues center from 13:00 – 15:00 every day , except Friday.

5. Passport fees are as follows excluding postal mail: -

. Undergraduate students 27 € - damaged passport 54 € - lost passport 81 € .

. Newborns and children up to six years 50 €- damaged passport 85 € - lost passport 120 € .

. Children from 7 to 18 years old 80 € - damaged passport 140 € - lost passport 190 € .

. From 19 years and over 110 € - damaged passport 200 € - lost passport 280 €.